Retreats & Converences

Retreats & Conferences

Luke 18

The Luke 18 retreat provides a powerful experience for 8th Graders. Luke 18 opens their eyes to the presence and love of God, who embraces them just as they are. Led by high school and college students from St. Nicholas, St. Clare, and Corpus Christi churches.

The retreat features high-energy games, songs, skits, personal sharing, and a series of faith and life talks by high school students.

They’ll be talking about Luke 18 for years.


Luke 18 is held every year on the 3rd weekend of January.

Luke 18 2020 will be held on January 17-19, 2020


8th Graders

Cost is $50 before November 8 and goes up to $90 after November 8

Registration closes for good on December 10.



High School Leaders

Be a leader at Luke 18. Share your faith with the 8th Graders and help host the retreat to make a difference in their lives.

Must attend 2 meetings (seniors must also attend seniors only meeting)

December 1 – Seniors Only (10:30am Mass at St. Clare with meeting to follow)

December 15 – All Leaders (1pm-5pm at St. Clare School

January 5 – All Leaders (11:45am at Corpus Christi Parish Center)


Cost is $50; Application and Payment are due by November 8




Quest is a 2-day retreat experience for high school freshmen and sophomores. Quest is the opportunity to take time away from the stresses of your life to recharge and to look at your faith in a new light.

To learn more and to register go to


Dates for 2019/2020 Quest Retreats…..

December 7-8, 2019 Holy Childhood; Mascoutah, Illinois         

March 14-15, 2020 Sacred Heart; DuQuoin, Illinois                                   



Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)

TEC is a 3-day retreat experience for high school juniors and seniors. TEC is a time to unplug from our overly plugged-in world and connect with your faith away from the noise and distraction of your everyday life. It’s a place for older teens and young adults to reflect on where they are in life and where they’re going and where God fits in through talks, skits, art, music, sacraments and fellowship. TEC is also open to adult observers.

To learn more or to apply visit


Upcoming TEC Retreats…..

January 18-20 Immaculate Conception,  Columbia, Illinois

February 16-18 St. Mary’s, Mt. Vernon, Illinois


National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC)

Get ready to explore your faith with thousands of Catholic youth from across the country. This 4-day conference is an experience in your Catholic faith you’ll never forget.

NCYC is held in the fall every other year in odd-numbered years.