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Purpose: A social service and spiritual organization. It exists to promote Christian fellowship through social gatherings and to encourage involvement of the women in our parish and to provide modest financial support to our parish.

Mission: To enrich members spiritually and to support the parish and the extended community.

Vision: To be a positive force for good works in both the church and the extended community.

Membership: Is open to any female registered Corpus Christi parishioner 18 years of age or older.

Regular Meetings: Once a month, the second Wednesday of each month. Rescheduling and canceling of meetings will be by notice in church bulletin. A yearly calendar of events is discussed and planned at the January meeting.

Meeting Agenda: The ladies assist in many important and fun activities. The spiritual word is shared through readings; prayer is an important part of daily life and is incorporated with each task. Today the ladies sew, do the laundry of the altar linens, decorate the church, teach PSR(Parish School Religion), volunteer for various jobs during the chicken dinner, help at the funeral luncheon, help organize the Box of Joy program and Easter Egg Hunt with the youth group, set up and run the annual rummage sale, make fleece tied blankets for the parishioners suffering from illness, and for total fun and enjoyment they have dinner out, hold a Christmas dinner party, and other events such as ice cream social, BBQ and more. Any task or duty that is asked is never considered too small, too big, or too difficult or manageable. Funds raised at the rummage sale a used to benefit the parish.

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