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Corpus Christi Parish is that portion of the People of God gathered in Shiloh where all are welcome. A Eucharistic community bound together by our faith in Jesus Christ called to evangelize all ages, especially our youth and called to the healing ministry of service to the poor and marginalized. We are also called to be a voice of hope by serving with humility, mercy and faithfulness; witnessing to the goodness in every person.



Reconciliation          Services

Want to know everything that's happening in the next month including our holiday schedule then check out the link below.

Advent Flyer 2023

Partnership Mass Schedule

4:30 PM Saturday: Corpus Christi
9:00 AM Sunday: Corpus Christi (Live Streamed)
10:30 AM Sunday: St. Joseph, Lebanon

Weekday Masses

Tuesday & Thursday 8 AM: St Joseph, Lebanon
Wednesday & Friday 8 AM: Corpus Christi

Holy Day of Obligation: TBD


Saturday 3:30-4 PM: Corpus Christi
Sunday (Following Mass): St Joseph, Lebanon

Prayer Hour for Vocations with Adoration & Benediction

First Thursday of the Month 7 PM:  Corpus Christi

Second Collections

Monday, December 25th

     Diocesan Collection for the Needy

Sunday, February 4th

     The Messenger Subscription Renewal

Sunday, February 11th

     The 2024 CSMA: Commitment Sunday

2nd Sunday of Advent

Liturgical Notes

 Mass will continue to be live streamed at 9:00 AM with the video available to view for 48 hours. Holy Communion is now offered under both species. Whether you decide to take communion via the cup remains a personal decision.
As covid numbers again increase, please be considerate of others. If you feel ill, stay home and watch our live stream. As always masks are acceptable if you feel uncomfortable around others.
4th Sunday of Advent

Club News

Ladies Club Christmas Party

Men's Club

Book Club

Ladies club January

Adoration, Prayer & More

Prayer Hour



Children's Mass

This Weekend

Second Sunday of Advent

Parents of young children so easily relate to this characterization of time: unending tasks, chasing around little bodies, and hyper vigilance makes each day feel like ten. And the flip side, as we often hear: "Don't blink, or you'll miss it. She'll be in college before you know it." In a way, this characterization of the heavens violently passing away is relatable, too, for the cruel reality of love is that it is hard work, and it is also the greatest privilege of your life that lasts only for a little while. There is comfort in this notion that to hold this paradox of time is also to participate in the life of God. To think of God's patience with us is perhaps one of the most relatable God-as-parent images. What parts of our kingdom-building work make heaven seem "delayed"? How can we use our limited time well, before we blink and it has passed?

excerpt 2024 Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons, and Weekdays

Holiday Mass Schedule

Holiday Mass Schedule

Faith Formation


Youth News

Parish School of Religion - Faith Formation
Families, who join the parish during the year or whose children are not currently enrolled in our faith formation program are welcome to register their children in PSR at any time during the year by contacting the Director of Religious Education, Michele Stroot, at (618)632-7614.

Luke 18

Luke 18 is January 6-7-2024 at St. Clare School of all current 8th grade students.

Luke 18 High School Leaders: Thanks to those who signed up. 
Please put these meetings on your calendar:
All High School & College Leaders: Sunday, Dec 10 after 10:30 Mass at St. Nicholas Activity Center
PSR Family Christmas



Ongoing Items

PSR Advent

What's Happening

Advent Angels

Don't forget to pray for your angels.

Upcoming Events

Hanging of Greens

Christmas Masses

Solemnity of Mary

Surrounding Area Events

Come to Bethlehem Concert

Office Hours:

Monday thru Thursday - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Contact Us:

Office Phone: 618-632-7614

Rectory Phone: 618-632-5631

Email: [email protected]

Connect with Us:

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