Parish Council Committees


         Assist in the preparation of liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

         Contact: Michele Stroot


Social Pastoral Committee

         Works to support the parish by providing social events

         Contact: Michele Stroot

                  ~ Block Party

                  Annual outdoor parish celebration featuring music, food and fellowship

                  ~ Chicken Dinner

                  Parish’s bi-annual family style chicken dinner fundraiser. Volunteers are needed for set-up, cooking, serving, clean-up, raffle, and desserts.        

                  Contact: Parish Office

                  ~ A Winter’s Aire Concert Committee

                  Assist the Music Director in panning the annual concert. Help with advertising, decorating, food preparation, and organizing

                  Contact: Kaye Ruppel


Building & Maintenance

         Maintains and creates an environment which is appealing and safe for parish worship and community fellowship. Do you have a special trade or skill you would like to put to use?

         Contact: Rob Hilgenbrink

                  ~ Church Clean Up

                  A day in the spring and fall for cleaning and maintenance of the church, parish center, Grootens Hall, and ground.


Youth Ministry

         Seeks to provide programs for junior high and high school students. These programs are created with the intent of fostering and supporting the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of each young person, to meet their needs as young Catholics, and to give them a place to express their unique gifts and talents. Youth ministry events are both social and spiritual events.

         Contact: Michele Stroot


Communication Committee

         Provides the parish with a set of tools to effectively reach out to the outside community and to effectively communicate information to the parish community.

         Contact: Myron Thomas


Education Committee

~ Children’s Liturgy of the Word

                  A program for children age 3 through 1st grade. During the Liturgy of the Word  at the 9:30am Mass, the children are dismissed to hear the weekend readings in a child friendly atmosphere and to engage with the readings in an age appropriate activity. Children return to their parents during the Preparation of the Gifts.

                  Contact: Michele Stroot

~ Lenten Lecture Series

                  Annual series during Lent for the adults of the parish. The topic and format of the series changes.

                  Contact: Msgr. Jim Margason

~ Parish School of Religion (PSR)

                  Provide faith formation and sacramental preparation to the children of the parish; to help in the development of values needed for a strong Catholic faith, to develop the virtues of peace and justice and a growing appreciation of the sacraments in both children and their families. The program needs all  kinds of volunteers to thrive, from teachers who make a year-long commitment to other parishioners and parents who volunteer for one aspect. Classes are held for children in Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

                  Contact: Michele Stroot